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Heronbrook Fisheries are situated just off the A519 at Slindon, two miles from Eccleshall. Set in 25 acres of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside there are now SIX amazing pools for you to try. All were designed and built by the owner Neil Dale. The first and most established is the Specimen Pool opened in 1994, followed shortly after by the Match Pool. These two pools have now been combined to make a fabulous 65 peg water, the new name for this water is the 'Match Lake'

The Canal was designed and built in 1996 mainly to suite the pole angler. In 2003 the Bridge Pool was added. In 2003 the Island Pool was opened and the Canal was extended. Meadow Pool was added in 2004

The home of match fishing

Heronbrook proves to be a club anglers favourite. From April to October every year nearly all the pools are filled with club matches. Booking the pools needs careful planning as it is often needs a club to book the pools 2 years in advance. Neil's open matches have to be planned in the same manner.

For a few years now Heronbrook has been a favourite for Major Events too. AT/Maver Pairs, Fisho qualifiers, UK Individual Championships, AT Supercup, Drennan Super League, NFA Disabled National, NFA Womens National, Police National, Army National are just amongst a few that have regularly used in the past or planned for the future.

Heronbrook is also used for DVD and National Magazine features letting the angling stars show their methods and techniques on a variety of waters.

 Bag’em matchbaits sponsors Heronbrook Fisheries

Bag'em matchbaits have teamed up with Heronbrook Fisheries in Staffs -­ the home of matchfishing.

We are delighted to have teamed up with Heronbrook Fisheries -­ one of the finest and best known venues the country has to offer explains Caroline Reed from Bag'em Matchbaits. Between ourselves and Heronbrook we have re named the forthcoming festivals as the Bag'em Jubilee Festival (2nd to 5th June) and the Bag'em Summer Festival (13th to 17th August). Along with large cash winnings Bag'em will be supporting the prize lists with much bait to be won by the entrants of these matches and others in the future.

Neil Dale, the owner of Heronbrook Fisheries, commented " this is exactly the type of partnership we wanted as we can now offer so many more prizes for our events".

Neil Dale, owner of Heronbrook Fisheries with Caroline Reed manager of Bag'em matchbaits


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