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The Bridge Pool is a purpose built match water, designed and opened by Neil in 2002. The pool is a "Z" shape with an island down its full length. 14 -16 metres wide all the way along with 14mtrs of room between the pegs. The pool is proving to be very popular with both the club and open match anglers. It has a shelf along the far bank to the island with 6 feet of water down the track, the near side has a sloping shelf which can produce a lot of fish. 32 pegs go right around the pool and back to the car park, so no need for long walks.

Entry to the pool is over the bridge for the low numbers and access to the high numbers is to the left of the bridge.


The water can be attacked in a variety of different ways. Fishing sweetcorn or meat on the far shelf is productive or floating bread to the island. Meat or sweetcorn down the track also produces well. The main weights are built up with the F1's, Chub and Barbel all up to 8 lb 8 oz. Weights of over 50 lb can be soon mounted up by fishing for the smaller fish close in on smaller baits, there are plenty of small fish to give you none stop action. You can soon knock a winning weight up by targeting the large and small fish.

The Bridge Pool has established a reputation for massive weights of barbel, 80lb catches of just barbel have been obtained. The barbel thrive in this pool, so much so that they have now started to breed.

The match record stands at 320lb taken by S Roberts on the  5th May 2018 on peg 10. The carp are weighty although they look short and stumpy they don't half give you a scrap in the Bridge Pool. The pool is also well stocked with F1s, barbel, tench and chub which looks well for a great future for this pool



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