Rules of Fishery

At Heronbrook we do not have a long list of rules for our angling matches. The rules are focused on fish welfare and protecting the integrity of the fishery rather than restricting your angling methods in order to maximise your match angling experience.

  • All nets must be dry before placing in water.
  • Nets to be placed in water 10mins before all in.
  • Use a suitable commercial carp type keep net, min length 2m.
  • 3 keep nets to used, max weight 65lb, anymore than 65lb in any one net will be reduced to 65lb.
  • Weights in nets must be kept even throughout the match.
  • Same weight restrictions apply during Winter.
  • All Carp and F1’s must be landed with a landing net, no swinging fish in..
  • After carefully unhooking, all fish must be placed, not thrown or dropped, into keep nets. Where possible use your landing net to transfer the fish into the keep net.
  • Do not hold fish in towels.
  • Fishing from platforms only.
  • Anglers must not fish beyond halfway to the next angler.
  • No rods to be left in the water unattended.
  • Barbless hooks only, max size 10.
  • Competitors shall fish with a single rod or pole, line and one hook only at any time. They may however have any number of assembled tackle ready for alternative use.
  • A competitor may break the water the surface of the water prior to the start of the competition to perform the following task;
    1. To clear his swim of weeds and obstructions, cutting only, no digging or pulling up reeds.
    2. To position his keepnet and tackle.
    3. To wet and mix groundbaits.
    4. To plumb the depth of his swim. In plumbing the depth before the start the angler must not in any way introduce bait or groundbait to his swim. Any fish accidentally hooked while plumbing it must be returned to the water and not placed in the keep net.
  • All unused bait must be taken away, NOT thrown into water or left on the banks.
  • Take all your litter home, no leaving litter on the bank or dumping it in the water.
  • No cat /dog food or trout pellets.
  • No artificial baits allowed.
  • Floating baits are not allowed.
  • Parking in designated areas only - no parking or stopping before driveways - no parking or driving on grass areas.
The above rules are mandatory for all matches fished at Heronbrook fishery. If any visiting clubs or associations wish to add any of their own fishing method restrictions then they may do so, however they must adhere to all of the above fishery rules.
Please take the time to read and adhere to the rules as failure to do so may result in disqualification.
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